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New life by ginbearhound1 New life by ginbearhound1
Anything that is in italics might be kept in my new theories.
Anything that has a strike is strongly not going to happen.

Not everyone from the Swamplands is included

Left to right
(Grayish brown female cub)Tumbli(Monkey)- Tumbli is the cousin of Temba. Tumbli admires her cousin greatly and does she does, follows her everywhere, and takes every saying of Temba's to heart. She follows Temba out after witnessing her sister's attack.

(Orange sleeping male cub)Kukutaa(Denial)- </i>Mheetu and his mate's first born child. Kukutaa much like his father and grandfather(Scar), has a warped sense of logic. In theory he is cruel and ruthless, but in practice he can never bring harm to others. So he has Polepole do it for him.</i>

(Pale brown blue-eyed female cub)Tafa/Dahli(To please)- Sadaka's first child, daughter and Dhaifu's future bride, but things don't go according to plan. She later leaves, with her non twin brother, and ends up in the Dreamlands where she is admired, for having strict control over a male, at a young age.

(Cream brown brown-eared lioness)Asali(Honey)- Mheetu's mate. Originally from the Pridelands, but then leaves to the Outlands when Simba returns. But when Zira is exiled to the Outlands she has to pack up and move again. She later bumps into the Scar's favorite trio, Malka, Tojo, and Mheetu, while on their way back from looking for water. She then tells them of the return of Simba. They immediately claim this 'Simba' as an imposter which Asali agrees with. They rush forward to take their kingdom back, but as they reach the borders Mheetu, being the brains of the trio, starts to contemplate the chances of winning. He stops his brothers and explains to them how even if they won against Simba, they wouldn't be able to win against Zira's outlanders and the pridelander's females. And so Asali suggests that they gather lionesses of their own. The trio agree and promise to meet up at the Broken Spirit Tree when they each have 10 willing members in their prides. Asali follows Mheetu while Tojo and Malka 'coincidentally' go the same direction.

(Cream female cub)Samaki(Fish)- Lost cub from the Great Lakers.

(Cream brown female cub)Malika(Queen)- Second child and first daughter of Mheetu and Asali. Like her great uncle(Mufasa) Malika has little concern for others and only treasures herself. She's an ignorant, self centered, bully, who often takes advantage of Polepole. She uses his slow and forever child-like mentality, to trick him into dangerous encounters. She entrances antagonizing and disgusting patterns in his skin leaving scars. Once Kukutaa discovers her sick games, he makes sure to take Polepole with him everywhere. After Polepole is taken away, Malika moves onto another target, Kavu. He's originally from the Drylands, Swamplands' main enemy, so very few like him. Malika attempts to play the same games she did with Polepole, but Kavu isn't having any of her crap. He immediately exposes her savage side to Mheetu who, with every pride member's approval, sells her to the Highlands knowing how they treat their females.

(Pale brown female cub)Wenda(Gone)- She is kidnapped by hyenas, who make it look like The Drylanders took her. She incredibly somehow becomes the matriarch and adds power to the feminist Dreamlands, closest relatives to the renowned Spirit Pride.

(Cream lioness)Sadaka(Offering)- Caring, lioness now with 4 cubs. She eagerly wants to take the Pridelands by force, but isn't sure whether she can be of any use in the physical process.

(Golden eye-lidded male cub)Mbili(Double)- Sadaka and Upendo's first son also first part of the twins. Mblili is very lazy and rather starve to death then reach for food two tail lengths away. He's never active or creative, which infuriates his twin sister. For she is everything he is not. He later dies of starvation when is separated from the pride.

(Yelling pale brown male cub)Mvurugano(Disturbance)- Mvur or Gano for short. Gano was born with horrible timing. His parent.s pride were being invaded by their neighboring pride. Gano's father, the king, died protecting his queen as she gave birth. Afterwards, the king of the invading pride gave the old queen two choices. Surrender and join his pride or end up like her mate. She choose the latter, leaving Gano alone. The invading king took interest in the male cub and adopted him since his mate was only producing females. Gano was often mistreated by the other pride members except for the king who he thought was his father. Until Gano and his 'sisters' got into a fight the queen while in her angry fit of rage mentioned how she never trusted his breed and that he was no son of her's. Gano had it confirmed that he was adopted by his 'father'. He ran away that night into the Swamplands.
He along with Dhaifu and Kamili mate with rogue females often, so that when they become pregnant they are more likely to stay with the pride and help overthrow the unstable Pridelands. Gano has several different personalities or egos. He uses them to con every and all lionesses to mate with him. Sometimes it's a one night stand, but most come back for more.

(Laughing warm brown female cub)Temba(Elephant)- </i>An older sister was jealous that Temba had been betrothed to the future king instead of her. She attacked her, but didn't kill her. She told Temba to run away and never come back otherwise she'd be sorry. Tumbli then follows her out.
Temba is Mvurugano's best friend. At first they thought it was love, but they couldn't stand each other for more than a day, so they became 'friends with benefits'.</i>

(Light cream male cub)Dhaifu(Weak)- Born weak his parents feared he wouldn't make it into cubhood as all his other siblings. When he did his parents were angry with grieve for the son who hadn't died yet. They banished him from both realms to die out of sight. It was rumored that he never did die and that he would know the path of every animal he gazed upon and one day rule both, if not all, kingdoms.
Dhaifu never grows a full mane, but is loved and wanted by just about every animal. His blood is sacred, for he is the only living male descendant from a successful mating between a Spirit lion and a Sun goddess. He has some powers, but refuses to use them, unless in dire need, and others, that he wishes to ignore, but keep popping up out of nowhere. Mheetu has him along with Kamili and Mvurugano breed females for their future conquest of the Pridelands. Of course every lioness wants to breed with him, but he only shares himself with a select few. Instead of breeding with most of the lionesses, he instead tells them about his mission and has them gather other soldiers while he plays with the cubs of his pride. Many of his own cubs die and amongst the ones that live more than half of them are twisted in spirit and mind, by their greedy mothers. He only has 3 cubs that are as pure as himself.

(Reaching up golden cub)Mara(Double)- Mara is the exact opposite of her twin brother. She learns to hunt from an early age, while her brother learns to sleep 24/7. As she grows into her teen years her brother is still lazing about never lifting a claw. Everyone still cares for him, but not for her if she doesn't hunt for the whole pride first.
Her view of males drastically decrease and she sets out, on her own, to the Dreamlands. For the Dreamlands are the only place where females are valued more than males.

(Golden brown Lion)Upendo(Love)- A rogue who falls in love with Sadaka. He is only allowed to stay if he helps their mission, which he is neutral about.

(Pale female cub)Kusikia(Hearing)- Deemed not useful because she can't run for very long, her pride abandoned her in hyena territory. Mheetu's mate, Asali, saves her.
She's was very obedient as a cub, but goes through a rebel stage. One unfortunate rebellious accident left her completely blind and even more useless. Not wanting to become a burden to the pride, she leaves and later joins the Darklands. The only place that has something for her useless self to do. She dies on the way there

(Brown red-manned lion)Mheetu(Me too)- Left the Pridelands during Scar's reign in search for water. When they're on the way back Asali is the one to tell them of Simba's return. They claim he's a false king and plan to overthrow. The plan is to meet up at the Broken Spirit Tree when they each have 10 lioness. Mheetu instead gathers lions and lioness, cubs mainly so that he can teach them why the Pridelands are evil. He then waits even longer for the cubs to grow and ends up having some of his own. He discusses with his brothers, about their mission. "Why just the Pridelands? Why not all those screwy kings and queens who abuse their power in favor for themselves?" And they agree. Malka and Tojo are to take over the Pridelands and Mheetu and Asali are to raise the next generations to take over Africa's evil injustice.
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